Discover Wim Hof’s Breathing Method – It Could Save Your Life

Wim suggests we go through 3 rounds of the breathing. After the first round I had to take a break. I was fairly overwhelmed. Perhaps I was extra stressed, I’m not sure. I workout everyday so my body is not unaccustomed to breathing deeply.

Since that first time though, I have been able to go through his breathing technique the full 3 rounds. It genuinely helps me feel more deeply centered into my body and calmer mentally.

In fact, it’s so simple and so powerful it should be taught to everyone.

5 Female Stereotypes That Need To Stop Now!

Women are often made to feel pressured by society or their families to get married and have kids.
Traditionally, this would mean that she would take on the primary care-giving role for the child(ren) while her husband went out and brought home the bacon. As a result, women who worked and stayed single often received pity or concern from others. You’ll want to make sure she knows you respect her.